sábado, 13 de agosto de 2011

Piper Super Club-FSX y FS9

8:59 Posted by Javier Gracia ,
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The Piper Super Cub for FS9 and FSX of Simon Smeiman of South Africa comes in 4 versions of the aircraft for three different configurations of MS Flight Simulator.
When purchasing the package you will receive 3 files and you can install any of them, depending on your current Flight Simulator installation.
There is a version for FS2004, one for FSX 'default' (without Service Packs) and one for FSX SP2/Accelleration.
Today, the Super Cub is still manufactured as the PA-18 "Top Cub" from Cub Crafters in Yakima, Washington. Many enthusiasts all over the world also tackle it as “home build” projects. Thanks to them we will hopefully see Super Cubs dancing in the clouds for many years to come.
The Flight Simulator model is based on the “Top Cub”. The “blue prints” of the real world full size Super Cub were as far as possible used in the design of this model. The full package contains the following four versions:
  • Wheels for land surface operations.
  • Ski’s for snow surfaces as well as dry land operations.
  • Floats for water surface operations.
  • Tundra Tires for soft surface operations.
There is also a paint kit included and a nice 12-page handbook showing you the workings of the Pipers in every detail.