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FS2004/ Aerosoft Lisbon 2008

9:17 Posted by Javier Gracia
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Visit the Mega Airport Lisbon the main airport of Portugals capital. Michael Kopatz and Peter Werlitz recreated the airport up to the smallest detail incl. all buildings and installations, docking systems and all the features you expected from a modern scenery development in FSX and FS2004.
Lisbon Airport is the main international gateway to Portugal and a major European hub. It is one of the largest airports in Southern Europe. The airport has two main runways, capable of accommodating large-size aircraft such as the Boeing 747. Before the existence of the actual Lisbon Airport, Lisbon was served by an aerodrome called "Campo Internacional de Aterragem" located in Alverca. At the end of the 50´s Cabo Ruivo was closed and all the air operations were transferred to Portela. In 2007, the airport handled 13 392 059 passengers and 82 879 tonnes of cargo and it is the main base-hub of the national Portuguese airline TAP-Air Portugal.
The Airport ground texture is based on a high detailed areal image. All buildings, lighting systems, navigation beacons and of course the layout of taxiways and runways have been recreated to perfection. Static aircraft can be de-activated to make room for the AI traffic. Runway 03/21 in Lisbon has two special Rapid Exit Taxiways, RET's. These taxiways (HN and HS) allow the aircraft to leave the runway at high speed.
Despite the whole range of objects, details and features, the frame rate remains excellent.