sábado, 13 de agosto de 2011

Carenado PA34 Seneca II - FS9

8:51 Posted by Javier Gracia
Descarga de la correccion del aircraft.cfg. (importante)

The second of five generations of the twin engine Piper Seneca, the 200T introduced in 1974, was a response to complaints about the original aircraft's poor handling abilities. The new model incorporated changes to the control surfaces, including enlarged and balanced ailerons, and the addition of a rudder anti-servo tab. The "T" in the new model designation reflected a change to turbocharged, six cylinder Continental TSIO-360E or EB engines. The Seneca was manufactured by Piper beginning in the early 1970s and some 4500 were produced. The Seneca II has six seats in a comfortable cabin and two turbocharged counter-rotating engines which produce 200 hp each.