domingo, 14 de agosto de 2011

Aerosoft Airbus x

6:40 Posted by Javier Gracia
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The Aerosoft Airbus X is a high definition rendering of this venerable aircraft for FSX. Created with help from many Airbus pilots and Air Berlin it is what Aerosoft believes an airliner in FSX should be. Directly aimed at the user who likes to fly and not to spend too much time on configuration and pre-flight checks but who does not want to compromise on the modelling and features, this aircraft will appeal to a large group of flight simmers.

The fully functional Virtual Cockpit puts the user in a fully immersive environment where detailed animations (all with sound effects) and a high level of detailed modelling show the level of details that separate FSX from FS2004.

All the displays are detailed and easy to read, even at lower resolutions and show how most A320/A321’s are now leaving the factory. While leaving out the most complex (and least used) functions of the computer systems, the actual operation of the aircraft is highly accurate and as easy and logical as Airbus designs its aircraft. The displays will automatically show you the information you most need at any given moment.
The Fly-By-Wire flight model is totally reliable and extremely close to the actual aircraft. Where older aircraft use conventional throttles, the Airbus has a realistic FADEC system that means you almost never have to touch the throttle after you started your take-off run.

The external model is highly detailed and very smooth. All cabin and freight doors can be operated and show the interior of the aircraft. Animation of the flight control surfaces is accurate both in timing and movements.
Please note that the files of this product will be personalized when they are installed. This personalization allows us to find out who paid for this product, should any of these files ends up in  places where they should not be. This personalization has NO impact on  performance and does NOT include any Digital Right Management. It will  NOT prevent you from installing the product as many times as you wish,  nor will it prevent you from installing on all of the machines you own.