Voice Commander para el Maddog, es valido para versiones 2008 y 2010

Leonardo Maddog 2008 SP1 or Maddog 2010 (Professional or Standard Versions). Aircraft not included. Click here to visit the Leonardo website if you do not yet own the aircraft.
Flight Simulator X or FS2004/FS9.
Win XP, Vista, Windows 7.
Microphone and/or Headset.
Windows Speech Recognition language setting must be set to English if using XP or English - US if using Vista or Win 7.
-Customized to work exclusively with the Leonardo Maddog aircraft and match MD80 SOPs.
-SDK style functionality: The simulated First Officer can control almost every switch on the aircraft WITHOUT using simulated mouse clicks.
-Control the autopilot using voice control!
-Full voice control integration: Interact with the flight, cabin and ground crew using your voice!
-Realistic Maddog checklists!
-Real human recorded United States, German, British, French, Irish, Dutch, Italian, Spanish and Finnish voice sets included for the First Officer.
-United States and Finnish voice sets recorded by real-world Maddog airline pilots!
-Checklists, flows and crew interaction designed by a real-world Maddog pilot!
-FA Cabin announcements with independent adjustable volume control.
-Integrated Pushback/Start Crew.
-Integration options with AES and FSPassengers.
-First Officer takeoffs.
-New features such as the ability to 'mute' the speech recognition system on the fly using a push-to-hold key.
-And a whole lot more!!!

Sin mas dilación el link : http://www.mediafire.com/?6hytn93dwnxb1bz